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EOR - Employer of Record

Did you know that you can employ and settle the wages and taxes of your employees in Norway with one service?

What is EOR?

Employer of Record is a service provided by an external entity and consists of a "remote" creation of a team in another country. In practice this means that your company, using EOR, does not have to build new structures in a new market. Instead, it entrusts this task to another company. This means that formally the employees are employed by another employer, but de facto they work for you. The EOR guide all administration, payrolls, tax issues, employee benefits (e.g. insurance).

Business requires constant attention and effort to make everything work as it should, hence the origin of the saying: "time is money" - which is why many entrepreneurs opt for an EOR service so you can take your mind off the regulatory and legal requirements related with employment, immigration and payroll. EOR means savings and extra time, which you can use to strengthen your position on the Norwegian market. It is also worth mentioning that the EOR entity only exercises executive authority on your behalf. All decisions regarding positions are solely in your power. This makes the management of personnel and payroll matters much simpler and easier.

Expansion of business into foreign markets is usually prepared very meticulously, thus reducing the risk of failure. The investment concerns not only costs, but also time and knowledge. Know-how is therefore a key element. So establishing new staff in Norway is not only about knowledge of regulations, but also about experience. Uniqorm has both. During its many years of operation, Uniqorm has helped many entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

If you are looking for a solution that is not only efficient but also cost-effective, you are in the right place. Uniqorm will take care of your HR and payroll matters in Norway. We will take care of:
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Let's build your new team abroad together.

If you need to build your team in Norway or accounted for sole traders working for you on a B2B basis, you're in the right place. By working with our company who international infrastructure and knowledge backed by experience, you can:
We are the market leader for EOR services in Norway

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Order the service now. In EOR employment model, you reduce business risk and avoid unnecessary costs. Your time is valuable to us, so we will help you to create your own staff in Norway. With EOR you can have employees abroad, but you do not need to set up a company there.

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Harley Bryant
What are the best practices for managing an international workforce using HR offshore Company services?
Leon Byrd
Best practices for managing an international workforce using HR Outsourcing Company services include staying updated on local labor laws and regulations, maintaining clear communication with the service provider, standardizing HR processes across borders, providing cultural sensitivity training, and ensuring compliance with tax and immigration requirements for each country of operation.
Harley Bryant
Thank you for answer! :-)
Ella Wilkinson
What types of reporting and documentation are required when using workforce management services?
Mia Black
When using workforce management services, the required reporting and documentation typically include payroll records, tax filings, employee records, compliance reports, and any other documentation necessary to ensure workforce management and employment-related regulatory requirements are met. The specific requirements can vary by jurisdiction and the scope of services provided by the offshore provider.
How does a staffing agency handle employee layoffs and workforce reduction?
Abby Barrett
Can companies transition between traditional employment and an Employer of Record model, and vice versa?
Hi, companies can transition between traditional employment and an Employer of Record model or vice versa as their business needs evolve. This flexibility allows them to adapt their workforce management approach to changing circumstances, such as growth, expansion, or cost-saving initiatives.
Millie Evans
What are the tax implications for employees under a Staffing and Payroll Service agreement?
Under a Staffing and Payroll Service agreement, employees typically have income taxes withheld from their paychecks, and the service provider ensures proper tax reporting and compliance. Tax implications may vary based on factors such as the employee's tax status, location, and applicable tax laws, so it's essential to consult with tax professionals for specific guidance.
Arthur Jenkins
How does the onboarding of an employee into a company using Workforce offshore services work?
Bruno Owen
The onboarding of an employee using Workforce offshore services involves the service provider facilitating the necessary paperwork, compliance checks, and workforce management processes, ensuring the smooth integration of the new employee into the company. This may include collecting personal information, verifying work eligibility, conducting background checks, and ensuring compliance with local workplace regulations.
Laila Walters
What are the key cost factors associated with using an Employer of Record service?
Katie Clarke
The key cost factors associated with using an Employer of Record service include service fees, salary disbursement processing costs, benefits administration expenses, compliance-related fees, and any additional customization or consulting charges, which can vary depending on the service provider and the scope of services required.
Laila Walters
And can Workforce Solutions services manage international payroll in different currencies?
Katie Clarke
Yes, Workforce Solutions services can typically manage international payroll in different currencies, offering the capability to process payments, deductions, and tax withholdings according to the specific currency and local regulations of each country in which they operate.
Aubrey Lowery
Can a Workforce Management Firm assist in workforce scalability during peak periods?
Yes, a Workforce Management Firm can assist in workforce scalability during peak periods by providing flexible staffing solutions, managing temporary workers, and optimizing workforce scheduling to meet increased demand efficiently.
Marissa Morrow
Do Staffing and salary disbursement services provide worker insurance?
Abigail Watson
Staffing and salary disbursement services often provide worker insurance, including workers' compensation, to cover workplace injuries or accidents. However, the specific insurance coverage can vary, so it's important to clarify the details with the service provider.
Simon Duke
What are the primary responsibilities of Employer Management in employee management?
Lexi Perry
The primary responsibilities of Employer Management in employee management include handling salary disbursement and benefits administration, ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations, managing employee records, and providing workforce management support, allowing organizations to focus on their core business activities.
Camryn Mueller
Can International Employer Solutions assist in talent retention and employee development?
Jenson Rogers
Yes, International Employer Solutions can assist in talent retention and employee development by providing global workforce management expertise, training programs, and support, which can contribute to a positive work environment, career growth opportunities, and overall employee satisfaction.
Jennifer Wells
Are there industry certifications or qualifications for Staffing Agency services?
Dorothy Bullock
Yes, there are industry certifications and qualifications for Staffing Agency services. These may include certifications from organizations like the American Staffing Association (ASA) or specific state-level staffing association certifications, which demonstrate adherence to industry standards and best practices.
Megan Turner
What are the dispute resolution procedures in an Employer of Record (EOR) agreement?
Hollie Pearson
Dispute resolution procedures in an Employer of Record (EOR) agreement typically involve a predefined process for addressing conflicts or disagreements, often beginning with negotiation or mediation. If not resolved through these methods, the agreement may specify arbitration or litigation as the next steps, depending on the terms agreed upon by both parties.
Julia Mitchell
Do Workforce offshore services handle immigration and work visa issues for foreign employees?
Charles Booth
Yes, Workforce offshore services often handle immigration and work visa issues for foreign employees, ensuring fulfillment with immigration laws and assisting with the necessary paperwork and processes to facilitate legal employment in the host country.
Amy Barnes
Hi. What factors should a company consider when choosing a Staffing and salary disbursement Service provider?
Martha Cole
When choosing a Staffing and salary disbursement Service provider, a company should consider factors such as the provider's reputation, experience, fulfillment expertise, technology capabilities, cost-effectiveness, customer support, and the ability to tailor services to the company's specific needs.
Brett Mcleod
Can employer fulfillment Service help with fulfillment in highly regulated industries like healthcare or finance?
Laura James
What is the difference between a PEO and an Employer of Record (EOR)?
Natasha Cole
The primary difference between a co-employer (PEO) and an Employer of Record (EOR) is in their scope of services. A PEO typically shares a co-employment relationship with a client company, managing human resources functionsbenefits, and fulfillment. An EOR, on the other hand, mainly handles the legal and administrative aspects of hiring and employing workers, serving as the legal employer, but with less involvement in human resources functions like benefits and performance management.
Kelsey Pugh
Can human resources and salary disbursement Management aid in recruitment and talent acquisition?
Major Stephens
Yes, human resources and salary disbursement Management can aid in recruitment and talent acquisition by streamlining processes, maintaining candidate records, and facilitating efficient onboarding, helping organizations attract and retain top talent.
Emma Gibson
How do Workforce Management Firms handle wage taxes and fulfillment?
Heather Knox
Workforce Management Firms handle wage taxes and fulfillment by accurately calculating and withholding salary disbursement taxes, ensuring fulfillment with labor laws and regulations, and staying updated on tax code changes. They typically have dedicated teams or software solutions to manage these aspects efficiently.
Maisy Parry
Can Employer Management assist with international workforce expansion?
Uriah Saunders
Hi. Employer Management can assist with international workforce expansion by providing expertise in navigating foreign labor laws, regulations, and fulfillment requirements, making it easier for companies to establish and manage their presence in other countries.
Matteo French
Do human resources services deal with worker classification issues?
Heidi Burton
Yes, human resources services often help address worker classification issues by ensuring that workers are correctly classified as employees or freelancers, which can have significant legal and tax implications. They help ensure fulfillment with relevant labor laws and regulations.
Holly Scott
Hi. What is the difference between an employer and a co-employer?
Joseph Perry
An employer is the primary entity responsible for hiring, managing, and providing benefits to employees, while a co-employer, often associated with a PEO, shares certain human resources responsibilities with the employer, such as salary disbursement and benefits administration, creating a co-employment relationship where both parties have legal obligations to employees.
How can a person become an Employer Fulfillment Specialist for a company?
Mia Smith
To become an Employer fulfillment Specialist for a company, you typically need a combination of education and experience in human resources, employment law, or fulfillment. A common path involves obtaining a relevant bachelor's degree, gaining human resources or legal experience, and staying updated on employment laws and regulations through training and certifications. Building a strong understanding of fulfillment requirements and attention to detail is crucial for this role.
Olivia Price
Hello. What is the typical length of an human resources agreement?
Trace Salinas
The typical length of an HR offshore agreement can vary, but it often ranges from 1 to 5 years, with some agreements extending longer depending on the specific needs and preferences of the parties involved.
Olivia Price
Are there industry-specific aspects related to Employer of Record services?
there are industry-specific aspects related to Employer of Record services, as different industries may have unique fulfillment requirements, workforce needs, and regulations that must be addressed when using such services.
Lydia Barnes
Are there differences in human resources services between countries?
Isobel Watts
Yes, there are differences in staffing agency services between countries, as employment laws, regulations, and alignment requirements vary significantly from one country to another. staffing agency providers must adapt their services to meet the specific legal and cultural nuances of each country, making them unique for each location.
Can a Workforce Solutions Provider terminate an employment contract?
Isobel Watts
Yes, a Workforce Solutions Provider can terminate an employment contract if it is within the terms and conditions of the contract and complies with relevant employment laws and regulations.
How does using Workforce Management affect employee benefits?
Jamie Morales
Using Workforce Management can positively affect employee benefits by helping companies optimize scheduling, improve productivity, and reduce labor costs. This can potentially free up resources that can be allocated towards enhancing employee benefits packages or offering additional perks to attract and retain talent.
Lacey Sutton
Are third-party employer services suitable for startups?
Cameron Walsh
Hi. third-party employer services can be suitable for startups, as they provide a convenient way to manage human resources and alignment matters, allowing startups to focus on their core business operations without the burden of extensive administration.
Aleah Church
Do third-party employer services handle human resources and administrative tasks?
Nathalie Kaufman
Third-party employer services handle human resources and administrative tasks, including salary disbursement processing, benefits administration, tax alignment, and other employment-related responsibilities on behalf of client companies.
Ewan Stevens
Are international Employer Services Companies available?
Nathalie Kaufman
Yes, international Employer Services Companies are available, offering International staff solutions to businesses operating in multiple countries by assisting with employment-related matters, alignment, and salary disbursement across international borders.
Carl Maxwell
In which industries are human resources and salary disbursement Services solutions commonly used?
Logan Baker
human resources and salary disbursement Services solutions are commonly used across various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, technology, retail, and many others, to streamline HR processes and ensure alignment with labor laws and regulations.
Ella Macdonald
Can an third-party employer become a permanent employee of a company?
No, an third-party employer is not an individual but rather a third-party entity that manages human resources and employment-related tasks for a company's employees. It cannot become a permanent employee of a company.
Kathleen Cruz
What is the difference between a Workforce Solutions Provider and an freelancers?
Simeon Wyatt
A Workforce Solutions Provider is a company or service that offers comprehensive workforce management services, including salary disbursement, and alignment, while an independent contractor is an individual who works on a contract basis, typically providing specialized services to a client but not considered an employee of the client or a staffing agency.
Sherlyn Daniels
How does taxation work in the case of an Employer Services Company?
Felicity Noble
Taxation in the case of an Employer Services Company involves the EOR handling salary disbursement taxes, including income tax withholding, Social Security, and Medicare taxes, on behalf of the client company's employees. The EOR assumes responsibility for tax alignment and reporting, relieving the client of these administrative burdens.
Ray Moore
Are there risks or disadvantages associated with using workforce management and salary disbursement Services?
Tia Lowe
Yes, there are risks and disadvantages associated with using workforce management and salary disbursement Services, including potential loss of control over workforce management functions, confidentiality concerns, and reliance on external providers. Additionally, inadequate service quality or alignment issues can pose risks to a company's operations.
Maisie Bates
What is the cost of using an employer agency service?
Ariana Avery
The cost of using an employer agency service can vary depending on factors such as the number of employees, services provided, and the specific EOR provider. It typically involves fees or a percentage of salary disbursement expenses, which can be customized based on the client's requirements.
Braelynn Battle
Can a Staffing Agency work for multiple clients or companies?
Harvey Barrett
Yes, a Staffing Agency typically works for multiple clients or companies by providing them with temporary or permanent employees based on their specific hiring needs.
Willa Wells
What legal responsibilities does an Employer Management Firm have?
Dylan Ray
An Employer Management Firm has legal responsibilities that include salary disbursement processing, tax alignment, benefits administration, workers' compensation, and ensuring adherence to labor laws and regulations for the employees they manage on behalf of client companies.
Hayden Morin
Is an employer agency the same as a temporary employee?
Dante Hamilton
No, an employer agency is not the same as a temporary employee. An EOR is a third-party entity that assumes legal and administrative responsibilities for a company's employees, while a temporary employee is an individual hired for a limited duration to fulfill a specific role within a company.
Misael Simpson
What types of companies typically use workforce management services?
Martha Kennedy
Companies of various sizes and industries, including startups, mid-sized enterprises, and large corporations, typically use workforce management services to streamline workforce management functions, reduce costs, and focus on core business operations.
Jennifer Morris
What are the benefits of using Workforce Management Services?
Aaliyah Ortega
The benefits of using Workforce Management Services include improved workforce efficiency, better resource allocation, enhanced alignment with labor laws, optimized scheduling, and increased overall productivity.
How does the EOR service work?
Joe Johnston
The EOR service works by having a third-party organization take on the legal and administrative responsibilities of being the official employer for a client company's workers. This includes tasks like salary disbursement processing, tax withholding, workforce management alignment, and benefits management, while the client retains day-to-day control over the employees' work and tasks.
Billy Lloyd
What role does an employer agency play?
Anna Thomas
Hello. employer agency takes on the responsibility of managing various workforce management functions, including salary disbursement, benefits administration, and alignment, for a company's employees, allowing the client company to focus on its core business activities.
Emmanuel Diaz
can an employer agency assist with remote workforce management in Norway?
Sterling Neal
Yes, an employer agency can be of great help in managing a remote workforce in Norway. They act as the compliant employer, taking care of salary disbursement, taxes, benefits, and alignment with local workplace regulations.
Emmanuel Diaz
That sounds convenient, especially for companies with employees working from different locations.
Sterling Neal
With an employer agency, companies can ensure that their remote workers in Norway are properly onboarded, paid on time, and receive all the necessary employment benefits.
How does employment alignment in Norway impact the recruitment and hiring process in Norway, especially when hiring international talent?
Paola Pugh
Employment alignment plays a significant role in the recruitment and hiring of international talent in Norway. Companies must ensure that they adhere to immigration laws and work permit regulations when hiring foreign candidates.
Liliana Hull
looking for an employer agency in Norway Somebody can help me?
How does international salary disbursement in Norway differ from domestic salary disbursement processes, and what are the key considerations for businesses operating globally?
Lucy Newman
International salary disbursement in Norway involves additional complexities compared to domestic salary disbursement processes. When operating globally, companies need to account for various factors, such as currency conversions, international tax regulations, and alignment with labor laws in multiple countries.
Zion Howell
i need help with salary disbursement in Norway
Jayden Barrett
How is employee management in Norway, and what are some key principles that companies follow to ensure effective employee engagement and satisfaction?
Lincoln Roy
In Norway, employee management is often characterized by a collaborative and inclusive approach. Many companies prioritize open communication and transparent decision-making to foster a positive work environment.
Zaiden Walsh
What are the key components of International staff solutions in Norway, and how do they differ from local workforce management practices?
Deshawn Keith
International staff solutions in Norway typically encompass a range of aspects to effectively manage a diverse and international workforce. One key component is international recruitment, which involves sourcing talent from different countries with varying skill sets and cultural backgrounds.
Mara Hester
Are there specific industries or types of businesses that commonly opt for offshore employer services in Norway?
Kingston Trevino
offshore employer services is quite common in various industries in Norway. One sector where it's frequently seen is the IT and technology industry. Many tech companies prefer to focus on their core business activities and delegate functions to specialized service providers.
Devon Compton
How is Employment administration in Norway? Are there any unique aspects or regulations that distinguish it from other countries?
Employment administration in Norway is generally well-organized and follows a strict set of regulations. One unique aspect is the strong emphasis on collective bargaining and labor unions. The majority of employees in Norway are covered by collective agreements that govern their working conditions, wages, and benefits.
Corbin Garner
That's interesting! So, these collective agreements are negotiated between employers and labor unions?
Exactly! Labor unions play a significant role in representing the interests of workers, and they negotiate with employers' organizations to establish the terms of the collective agreements. This system helps ensure a level of fairness and equity in employment practices.
Nyla Benton
I've been reading about staffing and workforce solutions in Nrway. Do you happen to know how staffing agencies work in Norway and how they contribute to the labor market there?
Alberto Osborn
Staffing and workforce solutions in Norway are quite well-established. Staffing agencies play a crucial role in connecting job seekers with potential employers and help businesses manage their workforce needs effectively.
Joshua Miller
Hey, have you ever considered international employment in Norway?
Bristol Logan
Yes, I've actually been thinking about it lately. Norway seems like a great place to work and live.
I've heard that Norway has a strong job market and offers good opportunities for foreigners. Is it true?
Joshua Miller
that's correct. Norway has a thriving economy and is known for its high standard of living. Many international companies have a presence there, providing job opportunities for foreigners with various skills and expertise.
How do alignment services in Norway tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of different businesses and industries?
Kenzie Giles
alignment services in Norway tailor their offerings by conducting thorough assessments of each business's specific requirements and industry regulations. They customize their approach, policies, and procedures to ensure alignment with the unique alignment needs of different businesses and industries. This personalized approach allows them to provide targeted solutions that address the diverse challenges and complexities faced by each client.
Briella Hines
How do salary disbursement management in Norway handle salary disbursement reporting and analytics to help businesses make informed financial decisions?
Gerald Coleman
salary disbursement management in Norway utilizes advanced reporting and analytics tools to provide businesses with valuable insights into their financial data. By generating detailed salary disbursement reports, they offer a clear overview of employee compensation, taxes, and other related expenses. These reports can be tailored to specific business needs and provide a comprehensive understanding of labor costs and trends. Such data empowers businesses to make informed financial decisions, optimize their budgeting, and strategize for future growth.
Brynn Henson
Have you ever been to Norway? I've heard it's a beautiful country with stunning landscapes.
Andre Sloan
No, I haven't been there yet, but I've always wanted to visit. I've seen pictures of the fjords and the Northern Lights – they look amazing!
Fabian Donovan
Absolutely! The natural beauty is one of Norway's main attractions. I'm also interested in their culture and history. Did you know they have a rich Viking heritage?
Natasha Morgan
Yes, I've read about that! It's fascinating how much influence the Vikings had in shaping Norway's history. I'd love to explore some Viking museums and historical sites while I'm there.
Martha Jordan
How do workforce management in Norway contribute to enhancing overall employee satisfaction and retention rates?
Memphis Ellis
workforce management in Norway contributes to enhancing overall employee satisfaction and retention rates by providing specialized workforce management expertise, efficient and timely support, and implementing employee-centric policies and programs. This ensures that employees receive proper attention, resources, and opportunities for growth, leading to increased job satisfaction and a positive work environment. Additionally, workforce management functions allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, promoting better organizational performance and further boosting employee morale and retention.
Adam Austin
How do Global employment services in Norway address cross-cultural communication and language barriers in an international work environment?
Zaid Woods
Global employment services in Norway address cross-cultural communication and language barriers in an international work environment through multilingual support, cultural training, interpretation services, virtual communication platforms, workforce management expertise, inclusive policies, regular communication, employee engagement initiatives, and sensitivity training. These strategies foster understanding, collaboration, and a positive work culture among employees from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Michael Pearce
What level of flexibility do EOR solutions in Norway offer in terms of scaling the workforce up or down based on changing business needs?
Rafael Shaw
EOR solutions in Norway typically offer a high level of flexibility when it comes to scaling the workforce up or down based on changing business needs. These services are designed to accommodate businesses that require rapid expansion or contraction of their workforce without the administrative burden and legal complexities of traditional hiring or layoffs.

Penelope Blake
Can employer agency services in Norway assist with managing labor agreement and agreements according to Norwegian laws?
Corbin Schultz
Yes, employer agency services in Norway can assist businesses with managing labor agreement and agreements in accordance with Norwegian laws. EOR providers are experienced in navigating the complexities of local workplace regulations and can ensure that the contracts are compliant and meet the legal requirements set forth by the Norwegian authorities.
Maritza Good
What level of support do staffing agency services in Norway offer in terms of onboarding and offboarding employees?
Clayton Calderon
staffing agency services in Norway typically offer comprehensive support for onboarding and offboarding employees, handling various tasks such as paperwork, legal alignment, salary disbursement setup, and employee benefits management throughout the process.

Additionally, staffing agency services in Norway assist in facilitating a smooth transition for new hires, ensuring they are integrated into the company seamlessly. This support may include conducting necessary training, providing access to relevant resources, and assisting with the setup of workplace essentials.

Tommy Miller
What are risks associated with employer agency services in Norway?
employer agency services in Norway carry risks related to legal alignment, tax and salary disbursement issues, employee relations, data security, contractual obligations, miscommunication, dependency on the EOR, and exit strategy challenges. Businesses should carefully evaluate these risks and choose a reliable provider to minimize potential problems.
Is it worth using employer agency services in Norway?
Chaim Massey
Many companies find value in utilizing employer agency services in Norway. staffing agency services offer a range of advantages, including guaranteeing adherence to local workplace regulations, overseeing salary disbursement and workforce management administration, and facilitating swift market entry without the need for a legal entity.
What are the responsibilities and tasks of an employer agency in Norway?
An employer agency in Norway is responsible for tasks such as managing labor agreement, administering salary disbursement, ensuring alignment with labor laws, handling workforce management administration, and managing employee benefits and insurance.
i search for very good human resources. Where can I find human resources services in Norway?
To find excellent human resources services in Norway, there are several avenues you can explore. Conduct an online search using relevant keywords like "human resources Norway" or "human resources services in Norway." Reach out to local business networks, industry associations, or chambers of commerce in Norway for recommendations.
Dominick Lambert
Hi, what factors to consider when selecting an employer agency service in Norway?
what are big differences between an human resources and a recruitment agency in Norway?
Clayton Mann
An human resources in Norway assumes legal employment responsibility, providing comprehensive services like salary disbursement and alignment. A recruitment agency focuses on candidate sourcing and facilitating the hiring process, typically for short-term engagements.
Jarrett Sawyer
What are the differences between an employer agency and workforce management offshore in Norway?
workforce management , on the other hand, involves delegating specific functions or processes to an external service provider. This can include functions like recruitment, training, salary disbursement processing, or benefits administration.

While staffing agency services encompass the entire employment relationship, workforce management is more focused on specific workforce management functions, allowing companies to offshore specific tasks or processes while retaining the compliant employer role.
Can tell me, what is an human resources in Norway?
Daniel Gardner
An human resources in Norway is a third-party service provider that acts as the regulated employer for a company's workforce.
Alex Jones
What are the advantages of an human resources in Norway?
Rose Elliott
An human resources in Norway offers several advantages to companies. They ensure alignment with employment laws, handle legal complexities, and provide workforce Management and salary disbursement management. Companies can quickly enter the market without establishing a corporate entities.manages employee benefits, offers scalability, and brings local expertise, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations and navigate the Norwegian market more efficiently.
Hi everybody! Where can I find an human resources in Norway?
To find an human resources in Norway, you can conduct an online search using relevant keywords. Reach out to local business networks, industry associations, or chambers of commerce in Norway. Consult with professional services firms specializing in workforce Management, salary disbursement, or global employment solutions. Additionally, ask for referrals or recommendations from colleagues, business partners, or other professionals familiar with the Norwegian market.
There are any responsibilities of an employer when working with an human resources in Norway?
Rory Watson
When working with an human resources in Norway, the employer still retains certain responsibilities. While the handles employment-related tasks, such as salary disbursement, alignment, and legal obligations, the employer remains accountable for providing accurate and necessary information. The employer is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of their employees, including work assignments, performance management, and adherence to company policies.
Melissa Cook
Anyone know what are the costs of an human resources in Norway?
The costs of an human resources in Norway can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific services required, the number of employees, and the duration of the engagement. Generally, services involve fees based on a percentage of the employee's salary or a fixed fee per employee.
Hi there, How does an human resources work in Norway?
Hi Peter, An human resources in Norway acts as a third-party service provider that serves as the regulated employer for a company's workforce. They take on the responsibility of employing workers on behalf of the company, handling labor agreement, alignment with labor laws, and salary disbursement obligations.
Thank you, Sarah.
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